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Model Development


Dr. Jinglin Zhang


College of Atmosphere Science,
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
Address:    No. 219, Ningliu Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210044, China
Tel:            (+86) 130-2257-3330
· 2010.9 ~ 2013.12       PhD in Electronic and Telecommunication        INSA-Rennes   
· 2007.9 ~ 2010.6         M.E. in Circuit and System     Shanghai University
· 2003.9 ~ 2007.6         B.E. in Electronic and Information Engineering    South-Central University for Nationalities
Professional Experience
· 07/2014-present : Associate Professor, College of Atmosphere Science, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Nanjing, China.
· Sept 2010 ~ Mar 2014 Scholarship of China Scholarship Council (CSC)
· Dec 2009   Excellent graduate of Shanghai (only 9 graduates awarded in my university)
· Nov 2008   Outstanding student leader of Shanghai University (only 20 in all)
· July 2008   Excellent postgraduate Party member of Shanghai University (only 3 awarded in my school)
· May 2008   Excellent student in community of Shanghai University (only 4 awarded in my building)
· Nov 2007  Nov 2008 Win the 2th and 3th awards in IEEE micro-mouse maze routing and Embedded competition respectively
II-1 Areas of Expertise
      High Performance Computing with GPU, image processing and stereo matching methods.
II-2 Refereed Publications (Updated to December 2015)
International Journal
1. Jinglin Zhang, Cong Bai, Jean-Francois Nezan and Jean-Gabriel Cousin, "Joint motion model for local stereo video matching method," Optical Engineering. 54(12), 123108 (2015). Cong Bai,
2. C. Bai, J. Zhang, Z. Liu and W.-L. Zhao, “K-means based histogram using multi resolution feature vectors for color texture database retrieval,” Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2015, 74(4) :1469-1488.
3. W. Lu, J. Zhang, K. Kpalma and J. Ronsin, “Visual Tracking via Low-complexity Sparse Representation,” EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, pp.1.14, 2015(21).

International conference
4. ZHANG Jinglin, NEZAN Jean-Francois, COUSIN Jean-Gabriel, “Implementation of Motion Estimation Based on Heterogeneous Parallel Computing System with OpenCL.” IEEE 14th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communication (HPCC), pp. 41-45, Jun. 2012 (Indexed by SCI:000310377500006)
5. ZHANG Jinglin, NEZAN Jean-Francois, COUSIN Jean-Gabriel, Raffin Erwan, “Implementation of stereo matching using a high level compiler for parallel computing acceleration.” ACM Proceedings of the 27th Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ), pp. 279-283, Nov. 2012 (Indexed by EI:20130716009956)
6. ZHANG Jinglin, NEZAN Jean-Francois, COUSIN Jean-Gabriel, “Real-Time GPU-based Local Stereo Matching Method”, Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing. pp.209-214, Oct. 2013 (Indexed by EI:20140417237179)
7. Alexandre M, Jean-Francois N, Daniel M, Jinglin ZHANG, “Implementation of a Stereo Matching Algorithm onto a Manycore Embedded System”, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems 2014.
Papers during Master:
8. Xuzhi, Wang; Jinglin, Zhang; Feng, Qian; Wanggen, Wan, "Virtual colonscopy system based on VTK and ITK," Wireless Mobile and Computing (CCWMC 2009), IET International Communication Conference on, pp.644-647, Dec. 2009  (Indexed by EI:20105013473867)
9. Wang, Xuzhi; Ma, Yanru; Wan, Wanggen; Zhang, Jinglin, "Design of DDR2 SDRAM controller for video post processing pipeline," Wireless Mobile and Computing (CCWMC 2009), IET International Communication Conference on , , pp.117-120, Dec. 2009 (Indexed by EI:20105013473735)
10. Jinglin Zhang, Xuzhi Wang, Wanggen Wan, “A Novel design and implementation of vehical multimedia and navigation system”, ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY, 32(12), 28-32, 2009 (Chinese core journal)
11. Xuzhi Wang, Jinglin Zhang, Wanggen Wan, “Design of High Accuracy Arbitrary Waveform Generator”, CHINESE JOURNAL OF LIQUID CRYSTALS AND DISPLAYS, 24(2), 2009 (Chinese core journal)
12. Jinglin Zhang, Xuzhi Wang, Wanggen Wan, “Design of handwriting recognition system based on entropy power”, Electronic Design Engineering, 03, 2010 (Chinese core journal)
13. Rui Wang, Wanggen Wan , Jinglin Zhang, Feng Qian, “Improvement for 3D reconstruction algorithm of intestine CT images by employing VTK”, Computer Engineering and Applications, 47(19),2011 (Chinese core journal)
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