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ESMC Publication List

BySeptember 18,2016
Earth System Modeling Center Publications

Earth System Modeling Center Publications

ESMC contribution number Title Authors Journal Pub Year
ESMC-001 An Abrupt Decrease in the Late-Season Typhoon Activity over the Western North Pacific Pang-Chi Hsu, Pao-Shin Chu, Hiroyuki Murakami and Xin Zhao Journal of Climate 2014
ESMC-002 Quantifications of the Two “Flavors” of El Niño Using Upper-Ocean Heat Content Wu Zhiwei, S. Chen, J. He and H. Chen Atmosphere-Ocean 2014
ESMC-003 Potential Influence of the November-December Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode on the East Asian Winter Precipitation: A New Mechanism. Wu Zhiwei, J. Dou and H. Lin Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-004 A spatial-temporal projection model for 10-30 day rainfall forecast in South China Hsu, P.-C., T. Li, L. You, J. Gao, and H.-L. Ren Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-005 Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Predictability: A Predictable Mode Analysis Bin Wang, June-Yi Lee, and Baoqiang Xiang Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-006 Response of inland lake dynamics over the Tibetan Plateau to climate change Yanbin Lei, Kun Yang, Bin Wang, Yongwei Sheng , Broxton W. Bird, Guoq Climatic Change 2014
ESMC-007 Model-proxy comparison for overshootphenomenon of Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation atBølling-Allerød 程军(Cheng Jun) Chinese science bulletin 2014
ESMC-008 Impacts of the diurnal cycle of radiation on tropical cyclone intensification and structure Ge X. Y., Y. Ma, S. W. Zhou,and T. Li Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2014
ESMC-009 Poleward expansion of the tropical belt derived from upper tropospheric water vapour Qinglong You, Jinzhong Min, Shichang Kangf and Nick Peping International Journal of Climatology 2015
ESMC-010 Understanding the anthropogenically forced change of equatorial Pacific trade winds in coupled climate models Baoqiang Xiang, Bin Wang, Juan Li, Ming Zhao,June-Yi Lee Journal of Climate 2014
ESMC-011 Comparison of multiple datasets with gridded precipitation observations over the Tibetan Plateau Qinglong You Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-012 Role of SST meridional structure in coupling the Kelvin and Rossby waves of the intraseasonal oscillation F Liu,G Huang,M Yan Theorctical and Applied Climatology 2015
ESMC-013 Prediction of Meiyu rainfall in Taiwan by multi-lead physical-empirical models So-Young Yim, Bin Wang, Wen Xing, Mong-Ming Lu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-014 Interdecadal variability of the mega-ENSO-NAO synchronization in winter Wu Zhiwei and Peng Zhang Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-015 A Simple Analytical Model for Understanding the Formation of Sea Surface Temperature Patterns under Global Warming Zhang Lei and Tim Li Journal of Climate 2014
ESMC-016 Moisture asymmetry and MJO eastward propagation in an aqua-planet general circulation model Hsu P.-C., T. Li, H. Murakami Journal of Climate 2014
ESMC-017 A Spatial-Temporal Projection Model for Extended-Range Forecast in the Tropics Zhu zhiwei, Tim Li, Pangchi Hsu and Jinhai He Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-018 Modulation of Northwest Pacific Tropical Cyclone Genesis by the Intraseasonal Variability Haikun Zhao, Xianan Jiang, and Liguang Wu Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan 2015
ESMC-019 Partial lateral forcing experiments reveal how multi-scale processes induces devastating rainfall: A new application of regional modeling Yang, H. and B. Wang Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-020 Peak-Summer East Asian Rainfall Predictability and Prediction Part I: Southeast Asia Xing, W., Wang B., and Yim S.Y. Climate Dynamics 2014
ESMC-021 Exploratory analysis of extremely low tropical cyclone activity during the late-season of 2010 and 1998 over the western North Pacific and the South China Sea Haikun Zhao, Pao-Shin Chu,Pang-Chi Hsu and Hiroyuki Murakami Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 2014
ESMC-022 Influence of Future Tropical Cyclone Track Changes on their Basin-Wide Intensity over the Western North Pacific: Downscaled CMIP5 Projections Wang Chao and Wu Liguang Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-023 Distinctive Roles of Air-Sea Coupling on Different MJO Events: A New Perspective Revealed from the DYNAMO/CINDY Field Campaign Joshua Xiouhua Fu, Wanqiu Wang, June-Yi Lee, Bin Wang, Kazuyoshi Kikuchi, Jingwei Xu, Juan Li and Scott Weaver Monthly Weather Review 2015
ESMC-024 Abrupt termination of the 2012 Pacific warming and its implication on ENSO prediction Su, J., B. Xiang, B. Wang, and T. Li Geophysical Research Letters 2014
ESMC-025 Impacts of environmental humidity on concentric eyewall structure Ge X. Atmosphere Science Letters 2015
ESMC-026 Different El Niño Types and Intense Typhoons in the Western North Pacific Zhang W., Y. Leung, K. Fraedrich Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-027 Major modes of short-term climate variability in a newly developed NUIST Earth System Model (NESM) Jiang Cao, Bin Wang, Baoqiang Xiang, Juan Li, Tianjie Wu, Xiuhua Fu, Liguang Wu, and Jinzhong Min Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-028 Sudden Track Changes of Tropical Cyclones in Monsoon Gyres: Full-Physics, Idealized Numberical Experiments Jia Liang and Liguang Wu Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-029 A Downscaling Technique to Simulate Changes in Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Activity between Two Types of EL NIÑO Events Haikun Zhao Theorctical and Applied Climatology 2015
ESMC-030 Discriminating Developing versus Non-developing Tropical Disturbances in the Western North Pacific through Decision Tree Analysis Wei Zhang, Bing Fu, Melinda S. Peng and Tim Li Weather and Forecasting 2015
ESMC-031 Atmospheric Responses to Kuroshio SST Front in the East China Sea under Different Prevailing Winds in Winter and Spring Mimi Xu and Haiming Xu Journal of Climate 2015
ESMC-032 Sensitivity of the warm core of tropical cyclones to solar radiation Ge X., Y. Ma, S. Zhou, and T. Li Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-033 Effect of high-frequency wind on intraseasonal SST variabilities over the mid-latitude North Pacific region during boreal summer Lu Wang, Tim Li, Tianjuan Zhou Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-034 Re-examination of Tropical Cyclone Formation in Monsoon Troughs over the Western North Pacific Huijun Zong and Liguang Wu Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-035 An atmospheric origin of the multi-decadal bipolar seesaw Wang Zhaomin, Xiangdong Zhang, Zhaoyong Guan, Bo Sun, Xin Yang & Chengyan Liu Scientific Reports 2015
ESMC-036 Westward shift of western North Pacific tropical cyclongenesis Liguang Wu, Chao Wang and Bin Wang Geophysical Research Letters 2015
ESMC-037 Causes of Strengthening and Weakening of ENSO Amplitude under Global Warming in Four CMIP5 Models Lin Chen, Tim Li and Yongqiang Yu Journal of Climate 2015
ESMC-038 Predictability and prediction skill of the boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation in the Intraseasonal Variability Hindcast Experiment Sun-Seon Lee, Bin Wang, Duane E. Waliser, Joseph Mani Neena, June-Yi Lee Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-039 Three-type MJO initiation processes over the Western Equatorial Indian Ocean MEI Shuangli, Tim LI, and CHEN Wen Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-040 To What Extent the Presence of Real-Strength Tropical Cyclones Influences the Estimation of Atmospheric Intraseasonal Oscillation Intensity? Bi, Mingyu, Tim Li, Xinyong Shen, and Melinda Peng Atmospheric Science Letters 2015
ESMC-041 Has Western Pacific Subtropical High Extended Westward since the Late 1970s? Liguang Wu and Chao Wang Journal of Climate 2015
ESMC-042 Role of barotropic convective momentum transport in the intraseasonal oscillation Liu F., B. Wang, and In-Sik Kang Journal of Climate 2015
ESMC-043 Relationship between SST anomalies and the intensity of intraseasonal variability Liu F., L. Zhou, J. Ling, X. Fu, and G. Huang Theorctical and Applied Climatology 2015
ESMC-044 Impact of the Madden-Julian Oscillation on Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclogenesis Associated with Large-scale Patterns Haikun Zhao, Yoshida, Raga Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2015
ESMC-045 Observed climatology and trend in relative humidity in the central and eastern Tibetan Plateau Qinglong You, Jinzhong Min,Houbo Lin, Shichang Kang, Nick Pepin Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2015
ESMC-046 Synoptic-scale Influences on Tropical Cyclone Formation within the Western North Pacific Monsoon Trough Huijun Zong and Liguang Wu Monthly Weather Review 2015
ESMC-047 Simulation of Salinity Variability and the Related Freshwater Flux Forcing in the Tropical Pacific: An Evaluation using the Beijing Normal University Earth System Model (BNU-ESM) Hai Zhi (智海), Rong-Hua Zhang (张荣华), Pengfei Lin (林鹏飞), Lanning Wang (王兰宁) Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-048 Quantitative Analysis of the Feedback induced by the Freshwater Flux in the Tropical Pacific using CMIP5 Hai Zhi (智海), Rong-Hua Zhang (张荣华), Pengfei Lin (林鹏飞), Lanning Wang (王兰宁) Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-049 Mechanisms of Internally Generated Decadal-to-Multidecadal Variability of SST in the Atlantic Ocean in a Coupled GCM Hua Chen, Edwin K Schneider, and Zhiwei Wu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-050 Interactions between Typhoon Megi (2010) and a Low-frequency Monsoon Gyre Mingyu Bi, Tim Li, Melinda Peng and Xinyong Shen Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-051 Double Core of Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau and its Possible Mechanisms Guo Dong, Yucheng Su, Chunhua Shi, Jianjun Xu, Alfred M. Powell, Jr. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 2015
ESMC-052 Regional boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation over Indian Ocean and Western Pacific: Comparison and predictability study Lee, S.-S., and B. Wang Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-053 Influence of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation on rainfall extremes in southern China Hsu Pang-Chi, Lee June-Yi, Ha Kyung-Ja International Journal of Climatology 2015
ESMC-054 Interannual Variability of the Asian Subtropical Westerly Jet in Boreal Summer and Associated with Circulation and SST Anomalies Yin Du, Tim Li, Zhiqing Xie, Zhiwei Zhu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-055 How predictable is the anomaly pattern of the Indian summer rainfall? Juan Li, Bin Wang Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-056 Strengthening of the Walker circulation under global warming in an aqua-planet general circulation model simulation Li, T., L. Zhang, and H. Murakami Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-057 Seasonal Prediction of the East Asian Summer Monsoon with a Partial-least Square Model Zhiwei Wu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-058 Seasonal and spatial variations of global aerosol optical depth: multi-year modelling with GEOS-Chem-APM and comparisons with multiple-platform observations Xiaoyan Ma Tellus B 2015
ESMC-059 Can the Tibetan Plateau Snow Cover influence the interannual variations of Eurasian Heat Wave Frequency? Zhiwei Wu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-060 Regional ocean forecasting systems and their applications: Designing consideration of such a system for the South China Sea Xiaochun Wang, Liqing Zhao, Zhijin Li, Dimitris Menemenlis Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 2015
ESMC-061 Role of delayed deep convection in the Madden-julian Oscillation Liu F., Z. Chen, and G., Huan Theorctical and Applied Climatology 2015
ESMC-062 Effects of Mountain Uplift on Global Monsoon Precipitation Lee, JY, Wang B, Seo KH, Ha KJ, Kitoh A, and Liu J Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-063 Reply to "Comments on Interdecadal change of South China Sea summer monsoon onset" Bin Wang and Yoshiyuki Kajikawa Journal of Climate 2015
ESMC-064 Extended Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Formation in the Western North Pacific Monsoon Trough Liguang Wu and Jingjing Duan Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 2015
ESMC-065 Global monsoon change during the Last Glacial Maximum: A multi-model study Yan Mi, Bin Wang and Jian Liu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-066 Rapid warming in the Tibetan Plateau from observations and CMIP5 models in recent decades Qinglong You , Jinzhong Min, Shichang Kang International Journal of Climatology 2015
ESMC-067 Observed trend of diurnal temperature range in the Tibetan Plateau in recent decades Qinglong You , Jinzhong Min, Yang Jiao, Mika Sillanpaeae, Shichang Kang International Journal of Climatology 2015
ESMC-068 Propagating and Non-Propagating MJO Events over Maritime Continent Feng, J., Tim Li, and W. Zhu Journal of Climate 2015
ESMC-069 Peak-Summer East Asian Rainfall Predictability and Prediction, Part II: Extratropical East Asia Yim, So-Young, B. Wang, and W, Xing Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-070 Interdecadal Modulation on the Relationship between ENSO and Typhoon Activity during the Late Season in the Western North Pacific Haikun Zhao Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-071 Contribution of atmospheric internal processes to the interannual variability of the South Asian summer monsoon Hsu, P.-C., and Y. Yang International Journal of Climatology 2015
ESMC-072 Modulation of decadal ENSO-like variation by effective solar radiation Liu F, Jing Chai, Jian Liu, Gang Huang, and Zaoyang Chen Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 2015
ESMC-073 Joint motion model for local stereo video-matching method Jinglin Zhang, Cong Bai, Jean-Francois Nezan, and Jean-Gabriel Cousin Optical Engineering 2015
ESMC-074 Assessment of interannual sea surface salinity variability and its effects on the barrier layer in the equatorial Pacific using BNU-ESM Zhi, H., R.-H. Zhang, F. Zheng, P. Lin, L. Wang, and P. Yu Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2016
ESMC-075 What Controls the Interannual Variation of Tropical Cyclone Genesis Frequency over Bay of Bengal in the Post-Monsoon Peak Season? Li, Z., T. Li, W.-D. Yu, K.-P. Li, and Y.-L. Liu Atmospheric Science Letters 2015
ESMC-076 Dependence of the Relationship between the Tropical Cyclone Track and Western Pacific Subtropical High Intensity on Initial Storm Size: A Numerical Investigation Sun, Y., Z. Zhong, L. Yi, T. Li, M. Chen, H. Wan, Y. Wang, and K. Zhong Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2015
ESMC-077 Why does surface ozone peak before a typhoon landing in southeast China? Y.C. Jiang, T.L. Zhao, J. Liu, X. D. Xu, C. H. Tan, X. H. Cheng, X. Y. Bi, J. B. Gan, J. F.l You, and S. Z. Zhao Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015
ESMC-078 Assessments of surface latent heat flux associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation in reanalyses Gao Y., P.-C Hsu*, H.-H. Hsu Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-079 Satellite air-sea enthalpy flux and intensity change of tropical cyclones over the western North Pacific Si Gao, Shunan Zhai, Long S. Chiu, and Dong Xia Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2015
ESMC-080 Improvement of typhoon intensity change classification by incorporating an ocean coupling potential intensity index in decision trees Si Gao, Wei Zhang, Jia Liu, I.-I. Lin, Long S. Chiu, and Kai Cao Weather and Forecasting 2015
ESMC-081 Impact of Large-scale Circulation on the Water Vapor Balance of the Tibetan Plateau in Summer Houbo Lin, Qinglong You*,Yuqing Zhang,Yang Jiaoa,and Klaus Fraedrich International Journal of Climatology 2016
ESMC-082 Intraseasonal variability of air temperature over the mid-high latitude Eurasia in Boreal Winter Shuangyan Yang and Tim Li Climate Dynamics 2015
ESMC-083 Contribution of major SSTA modes to the climate variability of tropical cyclone genesis frequency over the western North Pacific Jinhua Yu, Cheng Chen, Tim Li, Xiaotong Zhao, Huaxing Xue and Qiying Sun Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 2015
ESMC-084 Trends in upper tropospheric water vapour over the Tibetan Plateau from remote sensing dataset Qinglong You, Zhihong Jiang, Yansong Bao, Nick Pepin, Klaus Fraedrich International Journal of Climatology 2016
ESMC-085 Long-lead seasonal prediction of China summer rainfall using an EOF-PLS regression based methodology Xing, W., B. Wang, and S.Y. Yim Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-086 (085) Implications of East Asian summer and winter monsoons for interannual aerosol variations over central-eatern China (085) Xugeng Cheng, Tianliang Zhao, Sunling Gong, Xiangde Xu, Yongxiang Han, Yan Yin, Lili Tang, Hongchang He, Jinhai He Atmospheric Environment 2016
ESMC-087 Climate modulation of the Tibetan Plateau on haze in China X. Xu, T. Zhao, F. Liu, S. L. Gong, D. Kristovich, C. Lu, Y. Guo, X. Cheng, Y. Wang, and G. Ding Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2016
ESMC-088 Summer precipitation anomalies in Asia and North America induced by Eurasian non-monsoon land heating versus ENSO Ping Zhao, Bin Wang, Jiping Liu, Xiuji Zhou, Junming Chen, Sulan Nan, Ge Liu &Dong Xiao Scientific Reports 2016
ESMC-089 Potential Influence of Arctic Sea Ice to the Inter-annual Variations of East Asian Spring Precipitation Wu Zhiwei, X. Li, Y. J. Li and Y. Li Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-090 Possible impacts of mega-El Niño/Southern Oscillation and Atlantic multidecadal oscillation on Eurasian heat wave frequency variability Zhou Y., and Zhiwei Wu Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 2016
ESMC-091 Relative Roles of Dynamic and Thermodynamic Processes in Causing Evolution Asymmetry between El Niño and La Niña MingchengChen, Tim Li, Xinyong Shen, and BoWu Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-092 The statistical extended-range (10-30-day) forecast of summer rainfall anomalies over the entire China Zhu, ​ Z. ​ and ​ T. Li Climate Dynamics 2016
ESMC-093 Aerosol optical properties over Beijing during the World Athletics Championships and Victory Day military parade in August and September 2015 Yu Zheng, Huizheng Che, Tianliang Zhao, Xiangao Xia, Ke Gui, Linchang An, Bing Qi, Hong Wang, Yaqiang Wang, Jie Yu and Xiaoye Zhang Atmosphere 2016
ESMC-094 A 20-year simulated climatology of global dust aerosol deposition Zheng Y, Zhao T, Che H, Liu Y, Han Y, Liu C, Xiong J, Liu J, Zhou Y Sci Total Environ 2016
ESMC-095 Observational study of formation mechanism, vertical structure and dust emission of dust devils over the Taklimakan Desert,China Chong Liu, Tianliang Zhao, Xinghua Yang, Feng Liu, Yongxiang Han, Zhaopeng Luan, Qing He, Mark Rood and Wangki Yuen Journal of Geophysical Research 2016
ESMC-096 Effects of moisture feedback in a frictional coupled Kelvin–Rossby wave model and implication in the Madden–Julian oscillation dynamics Liu F., and B. Wang Climate Dynamics 2016
ESMC-097 Global monsoon precipitation responses to large volcanic eruptions Liu F, J Chai, B Wang, J Liu, X Zhang, Z Wang Scientific Reports 2016
ESMC-098 Comments on "Combination Mode Dynamics of the Anomalous Northwest Pacific Anticyclone" Tim Li, Bin Wang, Lu Wang Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-099 Factors Controlling the Interannual Variations of MJO Intensity Li Deng, Tim Li, Jia Liu and PENG Melinda Journal of Meteorological Research 2016
ESMC-100 Convectively coupled Kelvin waves in CMIP5 coupled climate models Lu Wang, Tim Li Climate Dynamics 2016
ESMC-101 Relative Roles of Differential SST Warming, Uniform SST Warming and Land Surface Warming in Determining the Walker Circulation Changes under Global Warming Zhang L. and Li T. Climate Dynamics 2016
ESMC-102 Zonal shift of the South Asian High on the subseasonal timescale and its relation to the summer rainfall anomaly in China Yang,S. and T. Li Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 2016
ESMC-103 What Controls Early or Late Onset of Tropical North Atlantic Hurricane Season? Zuo H., T. Li, J. Liu and M. Peng Journal of Meteorological Research 2016
ESMC-104 Distinctive precursory air-sea signals between regular and super El Niños Chen, L., T. Li, Swadhin K. Behera and Takeshi Doi Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2016
ESMC-105 Boreal summer synoptic-scale waves over the western North Pacific in multimodel simulations Haikun Zhao, Xianan Jiang and Liguang Wu Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-106 Empirical prediction of the onset dates of South China Sea summer monsoon. Zhu. Z. and T. Li Climate Dynamics 2016
ESMC-107 Relative Roles of Anthropogenic Aerosols and Greenhouse Gases in Land and Oceanic Monsoon Changes during Past 156 years in CMIP5 Models Zhang L. and Li T. Geophysical Research Letters 2016
ESMC-108 Surface wind energy trends near Taiwan in winter since 1871 Zhang L., Li T. and Lu M.-M. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 2016
ESMC-109 Characterizing two types of transient intraseasonal oscillations in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau summer rainfall Jing Yang, Qing Bao, Bin Wang, Haozhe He, Miaoni Gao and Daoyi Gong Climate Dynamics 2016
ESMC-110 Unusual growth in intense typhoon occurrences over the Philippine Sea in September after the mid-2000s Haozhe He, Jing Yang, Liguang Wu, Daoyi Gong, Bin Wang, Miaoni Gao Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-111 Impact of Synoptic Atmospheric Forcing on the Mean Ocean Circulation Yang Wu, Xiaoming Zhai and Zhaomin Wang Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-112 Impacts of open-ocean deep convection in the Weddell Sea on coastal and bottom water temperature Zhaomin Wang, Yang Wu, Xia Lin, Chengyan Liu and Zelin Xie Climate Dynamics 2017
ESMC-113 Roles of Convective Heating and Boundary-layer Moisture Asymmetry in Slowing Down the Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves Lu Wang and Tim Li Climate dynamics 2017
ESMC-114 Role of horizontal advection of seasonal-mean moisture in the Madden-Julian Oscillation: A theoretical model analysis Liu F and B. Wang Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-115 How predictable is the winter extremely cold days over temperate East Asia? Luo, Xiao and Bin Wang Climate Dynamics 2017
ESMC-116 Retrospective seasonal prediction of summer monsoon rainfall over West Central and Peninsular India in the past 142 years Juan Li, Bin Wang and Young-Min Yang Climate Dynamics 2017
ESMC-117 Modulation of Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Western North Pacific by the Quasi-Biweekly Oscillation Haikun Zhao Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2016
ESMC-118 Predictability of Arctic annual minimum sea ice patterns Grunseich, Gary and Bin Wang Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-119 Modulation of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation over the western North Pacific by ENSO Liu F., Tim Li, Hui Wang Li Deng, and Yuanwen Zhang Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-120 A new paradigm for continental US summer rainfall variability: Asia-North America teleconnection Zhu,​ Z. ​and ​T. Li​ Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-121 A comparison of heat wave climatologies and trends in China based on multiple definitions Qinglong You, Zhihong Jiang, Lei Kong, Zhiwei Wu, Yutao Bao, Shichang Kang, Nick Pepin Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-122 Rapid Weakening of Typhoon Chan-Hom (2015) in a Monsoon Gyre Jia Liang, Liguang Wu, Guojun Gu, Qingyuan Liu Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2016
ESMC-123 Relative Roles of Background Moisture and Vertical Shear in Regulating Interannual Variability of Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillations Li Deng (邓莉)and Tim Li(李天明) Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-124 Analytical Infrared Delta-Four-Stream Adding Method from Invariance Principle Zhang Feng, Wu Kun, Jiangnan Li, Yuan Yang, Jian-Qi Zhao, Jian Li Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 2016
ESMC-125 Extended-range forecast for the temporal distribution of clustering tropical cyclogenesis over the western North Pacific Zhu, Z., T. Li, L. Bai, and JY Gao Theorctical and Applied Climatology  
ESMC-126 A Special MJO Event with a Double Kelvin Wave Structure Zhu Lili, T. Li Journal of Meteorological Research  
ESMC-127 Arctic sea ice patterns driven by the Asian Summer Monsoon Grunseich, G. and B. Wang Journal of Climate 2016
ESMC-128 Predictability and prediction of summer rainfall in the arid and semi-arid regions of China Wen Xing, Bin Wang Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-129 Continue obliquity pacing of East Asian summer precipitation after the mid-Pleistocene transition Tao Li, F. Liu, Hemmo A. Abels, Chen-Feng You, Zeke Zhang, Zhiyuan Wang, Jun Chen, Junfeng Ji, Laifeng Li, Le Li, Hou-Chun Liu, Chao Ren, Renyuan Xia, Liang Zhao, Wenfang Zhang, Gaojun Li Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2016
ESMC-130 GMMIP (v1.0) contribution to CMIP6: Global Monsoons Model Inter-comparison Project Zhou, T., A.G. Turner, J.L. Kinter Jr., B. Wang, et al. Geosci. Model Dev. 2016
ESMC-131 Interannual variation of convectively-coupled equatorial waves and their association with environmental factors Lu Wang and Lin Chen Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 2016
ESMC-132 A trio-interaction theory for Madden-Julian oscillation Wang Bin, Fei Liu, and Guosen Chen Geoscience Letters 2016
ESMC-133 A general theoretical framework for understanding essential dynamics of Madden-Julian Oscillation Bin Wang, Guosen Chen Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-134 Reexamination of the wave activity envelope convective scheme in theoretical modeling of MJO Guosen Chen, Bin Wang Journal of Climate 2017
ESMC-135 Physical Process Responsible for the Interannual Variability of Sea Ice Concentration in Arctic in Boreal Autumn since 1979 Zhang Lei, Li Tim Journal of Meteorological Research  
ESMC-136 Causes of intraseasonal diabatic heating variability over and near the Tibetan Plateau in boreal summer Shuangyan Yang, Tim Li Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-137 Revisiting the steering principal of tropical cyclone motion in a numerical experiment LiguangWu and Xiaoyu Chen Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2016
ESMC-138 Initiation Mechanisms For a Successive MJO event and a Primary MJO event during Boreal Winter of 2000-2001 Feng, J. and T. Li Journal of Tropical Meteorology 2016
ESMC-139 On the asymmetric distribution of shear-relative typhoon rainfall Si Gao, Shunan Zhai, Tim Li, Zhifan Chen Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics  
ESMC-140 Differences in the initiation and development of Madden–Julian Oscillation over the Indian Ocean associated with two types of El Niño Hsu, P.-C. and T. Xiao Journal of Climate 2017
ESMC-141 Role of scale interactions in the abrupt change of tropical cyclone in autumn over the western North Pacific Hsu, P.-C., T.-H. Lee, C.-H. Tsou, P.-S. Chu, Y. Qian, and M. Bi Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-142 AIRS-observed warm core structures of tropical cyclones over the western North Pacific Si Gao, Baiqing Chen, Tim Li, Naigeng Wu, Wenjian Deng Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 2017
ESMC-143 Sub-seasonal prediction of extreme precipitation over Asia: Boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation perspective Sun-Seon Lee; Ja-Yeon Moon; Bin Wang; Hae-Jeong Kim Journal of Climate 2017
ESMC-144 Decadal variation of the impact of La Nina on the winter Arctic Stratosphere Shuangyan Yang, Tim Li, Jinggao Hu, Xi Shen Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2017
ESMC-145 How are heat waves over Yangtze River valley associated with atmospheric quasi-biweekly oscillation? Gao M.N., J. Yang, B. Wang, S. Zhou, D.Gong and S.J. Kim Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-146 The role of shallow convection in promoting the northward propagation of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation Liu F., Jiuwei Zhao, X. Fu, and Gang Huang Theorctical and Applied Climatology  
ESMC-147 Predictable patterns of the May-June rainfall anomaly over East Asia Wen Xing, Bin Wang, So-Young Yim, and Kyung-Ja Ha Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 2017
ESMC-148 Boreal summer intraseasonal phases identified by nonlinear multivariate empirical orthogonal function-based self-organizing map (ESOM) analysis Jung-Eun Chu, Bin Wang, June-Yi Lee and Kyung-Ja Ha Journal of Climate 2017
ESMC-149 Fundamental Causes of Propagating and Non-propagating MJOs in MJOTF/GASS models Lu Wang, Tim Li, Eric Maloney and Bin Wang Journal of Climate  
ESMC-150 A possible explanation for the divergent projection of ENSO amplitude change under global warming Lin Chen, Tim Li, Yongqiang Yu, Swadhin K. Behera Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-151 Extended-range forecast for the winter surface air temperature and extreme cold days over China Zhu, Z., T. Li Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society  
ESMC-152 The record-breaking hot summer in 2015 over Hawaiian Islands and its physical causes Zhu, Z., T. Li Journal of Climate  
ESMC-153 An anomalous genesis potential index for MJO modulation of tropical cyclone Wang, Bin and Ja-Yeon Moon Journal of Climate  
ESMC-154 How does the South Asian High influence extreme precipitation over eastern China? Ning, L., J. Liu, and B. Wang Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres  
ESMC-155 Inverse Relations of PM2.5 and O3 in Air Compound Pollution between Cold and Hot Seasons over an Urban Area of East China Mengwei Jia, Tianliang Zhao, Xinghong Cheng, Sunling Gong, Xiangzhi Zhang, Lili Tang, Duanyang Liu, Xianghua Wu, Liming Wang and Yusheng Chen Atmosphere  
ESMC-156 The role of intraseasonal variability at mid-high latitudes in regulating Pacific blockings during boreal winter Shuangyan Yang, Tim Li. International Journal of Climatology  
ESMC-157 A linearized, decoupled, and energy-preserving compact finite difference scheme for the coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations Tingchun Wang Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations  
ESMC-158 Factors Controlling the Seasonality of the Madden-Julian Oscillation Lu W. and P. -C. Hsu Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans  
ESMC-159 Formation Mechanism for 2015/16 Super El Nino Chen, L., T. Li, B. Wang, and L. Wang Scientific Reports  
ESMC-160 Water budget and intensity change of tropical cyclones over the western North Pacific Si Gao, Shunan Zhai, Baiqing Chen, and Tim Li Monthly Weather Review  
ESMC-161 Predictability and prediction of the total number of winter extremely cold days over China Xiao Luo and Bin Wang Climate Dynamics  
ESMC-162 Causality of the drought in the southwestern United States based on observations Zhang Feng, Ya-Dong Lei, Qiu-Run Yu, Klaus Fraedrich and Hironobu Iwabuchi Journal of Climate  
ESMC-163 Variable and robust East Asian monsoon rainfall response to El Niño over the past 60 years (1957-2016) Wang, Bin, Juan Li, Qiong He Advances in Atmospheric Sciences  
ESMC-164 Fundamentals of Tropical Climate Dynamics Li T., and P.-C. Hsu Springer  
ESMC-165 MJO propagation shaped by zonal asymmetric structures: Results from 24-GCM simulations Wang, Bin and Sun-Seon Lee Journal of Climate  
ESMC-166 Impact of Ocean Warming on Tropical Cyclone Size and Its Destructiveness Yuan Sun, Zhong Zhong, Tim Li, Lan Yi, Yijia Hu, Hongchao Wan, Haishan Chen, Qianfeng Liao, Chen Ma, Qihua Li, Scientific Reports  
ESMC-167 Modulation of Convectively Coupled Equatorial Rossby Wave on the Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones Activity Haikun Zhao; Liguang WU, International Journal of Climatology  
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